Tuesday, 14 July 2009

"A Simpler Life" Now Out!

A Simpler Life, the audio book Annabel Shaw and I have written for Creative Content Digital, is now up on the flippy bar of the audiobooks section of itunes. If you have an itunes, please go and listen to the sample – and if you like it, give it a good rating and/or review!

A Simpler Life is also available on Audible Downloads - a snip at £7.99 for our Tips and Tools for maintaining a simpler life.

“For the past few years, many of us have been on the ‘go, go, go, get, get, get’ treadmill – and ‘having it all’ has often simply meant ‘doing it all.’
But now outside events have forced some of us to pause and ask: Is more better? Is busy is best? Is it all worth it – or is there a simpler, more satisfying way to live?

What happened to the dreams and ambitions that once inspired us, filling us with excitement and happiness? At work and at home we’ve been so carried away with doing, having and achieving more, that we’ve left ourselves no time to stop and check on where we’re heading and why we’re going there. We’ve lost touch with what it is that gives our lives meaning, nurtures our unique talents and brings us true fulfilment.

Maybe it’s time to reconnect and to become reacquainted with our authentic selves.
Through a series of integrated, enjoyable exercises, work/life balance experts Lucy McCarraher and Annabel Shaw provide a map for the listener to embark on a journey to re-discovering genuine values, needs, desires and hopes, providing positive and well-defined goals, clearly marked destinations, a planned itinerary and regular signposts to keep the listener on track.

Topics covered include:
Why ’simple’ is ‘the new black’
Establishing personal values
Living with integrity
Reconnecting with abandoned dreams and aspirations
The six areas in which you can live a simpler life
Writing your own fairy tale
Bringing your life into balance
Making your dreams a reality
Quick and easy ideas to implement your simpler life – today!”

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Out Of Control?

The My Wonderful Life blog is having its first online Clinic on Friday. It's on The Stress of Feeling Out of Control. If you've ever felt stressed in this way, check in on Friday - or leave a Comment before Friday to ask a question, outline your problems or experiences, or offer some tips.

Guest post will be from Michael Lee, from Turn Stress Into Bliss, and Annabel Shaw (social psychologist and co-creator of My Wonderful Life) and I will also be posting and around to answer questions and give advice.

Thanks to Brigitte Morton and all the lovely people who filled (almost over-filled) Reepham Library last week when I came to talk about Kindred Spirits. Several people had already read library copies and were very complimentary about it; some even bought their own copy to hang onto, or to give to friends and relatives. That was my last talk about KS for the moment - I've been to about 10 libraries, a couple of WI meetings and had a book launch - and it's been an absolute delight to meet so many interesting people and get their feedback. Thanks to everyone who's helped organise the talks!